I’ve been lucky enough to have superb photographers catch my good side.

Paul Blair is a long-time Writers’ Bloc supporter who is possessed of a keen eye, a steady hand, and a solid grip of the interaction between ISO, aperture, shutter speed and the environment.

Rory Cooper caught me wearing a red tie and top hat on Frederick Street shortly after Underword got a five star review. He does some nice event work as well as portraits.

Seth McAnespie is a web designer and DJ who has somehow landed a regular gig photographing burlesque dancers. His viewing statistics have never been so healthy.

Chris Scott, in addition to being rather good at this low light stuff, is like a walking What’s On with a quality filter. If you just follow him around you’ll arrive at some superb events.

Madeleine Shepherd is a textile artist and photographer. Another time-served Writers’ Bloc supporter, she was also the creative genius behind the Alba Ad Astra project, which documented the history of Scotland’s lost space programme.